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Making Clogged Systems Run Smooth

The drain systems in your home are crucial to an operational plumbing system. Whether it is the kitchen sink, utility room, or the basement, so much depends on keeping these in good order.

For a basement drain, a broken system endangers the strength of the foundation and the safety of the basement and everything in it. Problems in your drain system can result in moisture in the basement and foundation movement. Water that isn’t properly emptied from your residence may collect in and around your basement walls, leading to serious foundation problems. Remedying problems can help you avoid costlier foundation problems down the road. At Sitko Services, we can identify and resolve the problem before it becomes serious. Contact us for reliable El Cajon drain cleaning and repair services.

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Resolving Common Drain Problems

It can be difficult to determine whether your property is suffering from a problem with your drains. Subtle warning signs that may seem unrelated can point to a larger issue. That is when you know it’s time to contact the professionals! Our expert El Cajon drain plumbing company has put together a list to of common issues to keep an eye out for.

Some signs you may need professional drain repair include:

  • Water remaining for long periods in areas of your yard, leading to a boggy region
  • Common flooded regions of your yard killing plants
  • Dampness or standing water in low areas of your home
  • Increased indications of sump pump cycling
  • Musty odors or the smell of mildew
  • Carpet rotting, staining, or becoming moldy
  • Cracks or other visible water damage to the foundation

Masterful Repairs

It is crucial to keep your home’s drain and sewer system in great working order. If you notice any signs like those listed above, don’t wait to address the problem before it becomes catastrophic. Our El Cajon jetting and cleaning service can provide the skilled services and workmanship to repair your drainage systems and not necessitate repeated service calls.

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