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Do You Know the Warning Signs of a Gas Leak?

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Gas Plumbing Service in El Cajon

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Smelling an odd odor like rotten eggs in your home or building? This can be one of the obvious ways to tell that your gas line may have a leak. Natural gas and propane don’t carry any natural odor, but your utility company mixes in an additive so that people can smell something as a precaution. If you believe that your house or building has a gas leak, you should immediately leave the premises and contact your utility company for safety purposes.

Your next call? Our plumbing team at Sitko Services. Our professionals have the experience and know-how with problems related to gas lines to help you fast and effectively. We have the tools to isolate the source of your gas leak and get you back to top shape in no time.

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What Leads to Gas Leaks?

One of the primary sources of failure in our gas lines is older pipes. Moisture in the surrounding soil will deteriorate aging pipes and lead to gas line problems. The amount of moisture in your soil can contribute to more rapid deterioration. Even in drier regions, heavy storms can increase the rate of this process. Relatively poor soil conditions can also be a contributing factor.

What are some indicators that you may have a gas leak?

  • The signature rotten egg smell
  • A sudden increase in your gas bill without any explanation
  • Dying plants in the vicinity of the main line running to your home or building

When you contact Sitko Services, our professional plumbing experts get to work solving your problem fast. After isolating the source of the gas leak and having the gas shut off, we can dig to the pipe, insert a new line, and test its pressure. All work is performed consistent with the highest standards to assure your safety and comfort. When you need reliable and effective gas line repair in El Cajon, turn to our team.

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