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Purchasing a new home or building and considering a plumbing inspection? Old plumbing is vulnerable to leaks; age can promote cracks in the pipes. Re-piping your home or building can be a daunting project. It requires years of experience and training in order to properly remove the old pipe system and replace it with new. If you’re looking for El Cajon repiping services, the experts at Sitko Services are here for you.

You should consider having your house or structure re-piped if:

  • Visible corrosion exists on any pipes
  • Clogs are occurring, resulting from mineral deposits
  • Damage from rust is leading to pipe damage
  • Cracks or leaks have shown up in old pipes
  • Your structure has piping that pre-dates 1970
  • You have galvanized or polybutylene pipe

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Should I Upgrade My Pipes?

Removing the old, corroded, or leaking pipes from your property and installing new pipes can be very attractive to potential buyers. Beyond that, it will improve your comfort in your home or building. Rust-colored water flowing out of your faucets, appliances working improperly, losing water each month due to leaks—there are many serious reasons to ensure your pipes are of excellent quality. If you would like to know the status of your pipes or to survey how much life is left in part of your plumbing system, we can perform plumbing inspections to give you all the details.

Check out the benefits of common pipe materials below:

  • Copper: The most standard material employed in homes and buildings. It has slowly become more expensive over time and unfortunately is prone to freezing in colder weather. Good quality copper pipes typically last more than 50 years.
  • PVC: A variety of PVC materials are available. As it is plastic, it is fairly cheap relative to copper and other options, as well as flexible. However, PVC can easily fracture under stress.
  • PEX: A relatively new form of material available for piping. It furnishes better insulation and is regarded as environmentally friendly. In addition, it is not prone to corrosion and can simply be bent around corners rather than necessitating a join. However, this material must be installed in dark regions or concealed as it is vulnerable to direct sunlight.

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