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Has a spiking water bill got you wondering if you’ve sprung a leak? Does the sound of dripping water or the sight of discolored floors and ceilings raise concerns? Regardless of the cause, at Sitko Plumbing & Drain Services, we make leak detection and repair a high priority. Remember, leaks commonly don’t alert you to their presence right away. Slow, small leaks can often go undetected and unresolved for a long time until they lead to much more serious structural damage in your building. We can use advanced video technology to discover the source and handle your leak effectively.

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Causes of Leaks in Your Pipes

Relying on guesswork can increase potential damage to your property and result in costlier problems. The right plumbing expert will use the latest technology to get to the issue quickly, enabling them to look directly into your pipes and find the source of the problem. Our team has extensive experience with this process, allowing us to provide accurate and fast leak detection.

A few common causes of leaks in your home or building can include:

  • Age: Everything breaks down eventually. Pipes in your plumbing system are no different. Over a period of time, aging pipes become brittle and crack leading to leaks.
  • Mineral deposits: Do you have hard water? If so, it will create a buildup of mineral debris within your pipes over time. These can create clogs sufficient to crack your pipes.
  • Dented pipes in your system: Pipes strained by improper installation can worsen over time and ultimately break.
  • Corrosion: Given enough time, even copper pipes are susceptible to corrosion. Older galvanized pipes may rust. In either case, this corrosion can lead to leaks.

Who Is Responsible for a Water Meter Leak?

The city or water district is in charge of any issues you have with your water meter. If it is leaking, a homeowner is not responsible for the repair. However, any problems with the pipes directly adjoined to the water meter that carry water into the home are a homeowner's responsibility.

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Detecting Leaks Fast

Don’t wait to handle leaks in your pipes until they have the chance to cause damage to your foundation. Our attention to detail and pride in our workmanship means that we want to completely solve your issue. Reach out to us for El Cajon leak detection services today.

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